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What we do


Put your e-book directly into the hands of your fans.

Until now, e-books have only been sold online. Now authors can offer e-books everywhere. Whether you’d like to sell your e-book one at a time or a thousand at a time, Livrada gives you the tools to do what you’d like. It’s your e-book, sell it anywhere and any way that you want!



Give your digital content the freedom it deserves.

Livrada will help you sell more books to more people by creating new and innovative e-book distribution channels. Amplify your retail capabilities and special sales to maximize the power of your digital content. Contact us to add your content to our catalog!



E-books sold by you… powered by Livrada.

Livrada puts the muscle behind your e-book sales.

With e-book cards and online redemption tools, Livrada will tailor e-book sales to your location and your specific requirements.


Bulk Sales

Livrada is your one-stop shop for e-books.

Do you want to buy e-books in bulk for your event or organization? Livrada has delivered e-books to thousands of readers at universities, conferences, book events, corporations, social media groups, and more. Save your back the heavy-lifting and choose the more sustainable option with e-books.