It’s your e-book.


You should be able to sell it anywhere and any way that you want.

With Livrada e-book delivery, it’s easy to:



Give your fans a sponsored copy of your e-book at conferences, at events and parties, or through your social network.


Are you a keynote speaker? Do you have a loyal fan-base? Promote your book and your brand by giving fans a place to hear from you and receive a complimentary copy of your e-book.


Connect with your core audience through social media. Whether it’s giving an e-book as part of a limited time gift, a contest, newsletter signup, or Kickstarter campaign, Livrada can help you do it.


Sell your e-book alongside your print book at book signings and speaking engagements.  E-book cards can be signed and customized for your event.  It’s easy to add an e-book option to an event registration page.


    Whether you’d like to sell your e-book
    one at a time or a thousand at a time,
    we provide the tools to get it done.

    Our cards work with Kindle, NOOK, Google Play, and the Livrada E-Reader.

    Introducing Livrada Live Reader

    Works on any device and browser without any apps.



    Delivery Choices

    Go completely green with all-digital delivery — send emails with PIN codes or post a link to your e-book redemption site. Or select beautifully designed e-book cards.

    Custom Redemption Pages

    Create special redemption pages for your event or your brand. Include a message to your fans, link to your social media or event registration, and more.

    Platform Options

    Delivery on Livrada’s Live Reader app is the most flexible. You can also choose from delivery to Kindle, Nook, and Google Play.

    Turnaround Time

    You can go live within days of placing your order for Livrada all-digital delivery. Just give us a few weeks for your e-book cards.


    Want to find out if Livrada is a good fit for you?

    Here are some things we need to know to get you started:

    Event or promotion launch date

    Title of your book(s)

    How many books you'd like to order

    Platform and delivery choices

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